USB Fingerprint Lock & Access Control From Brickhouse

It was time for some much needed innovation in the world of security system. Brand Brickhouse has developed a novel USB Fingerprint Lock with Access Control. Now unlike most biometric locks which are designed for multiple users, this one uses USB key instead to acces records, preferences as well as lock information.

As a result, this new technique offers a very simple and cost effective solution for small business owners who are looking for some high-level security minus the expensive set-ups. So all you have to do is just insert a flash drive in the bottom of the lock and all information including the audit trials is downloaded instantly.

Each lock has an optional USB Fingerprint Scanner and PC management software which helps you view the activiries of your employees from the comfort of your PC. If you desire, you can also gain a customized access to each individual. Also, the system can be prgrammed by using the built-in keypad.



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