The Tauntaun Joke Forced To Become A Reality, Way To Go Fan Power

It all started with an April Fool’s prank. talked about a sleeping bag in the shape of a Tauntaun from The Empire Strikes Back just for funsies. This one had the head of a Tauntaun, a fur outer lining, an inner lining with an intestine pattern and a tiny light saber on the zipper. But then after, the little deed saw quite a turn of events. The site was reported posting that a huge number of requests flowed in for the Tauntaun. So following the simple deman and order principle, the website decided to venture into actual realisation of the sleepin bag for the chi-fi fanatics ou there.

Lucasfilm has come to support the venture by providing an actual license to produce the Tauntaun sleeping bag. And we hear that the new sleep buddy will be a bit modified from the spoof design and will also cost more than the $39 fake ad.

Company reps inform that the ‘if’ has turned to a ‘when’. The two brands are working to provide the sleeping bag in the holidays or at least ready it up by the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back in spring next year. Apparently, these folks are still waiting to get Lucas’ approval for the final design.

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