ZZZ Checker Keeps Track Of Your Sleep Without Any Hassle

As our lives get more and more rushed, the need to unwind and to get a refreshing sleep are top on most health lists. And technology has busied itself to ensure the twp for us. Spec Computer has evolved a sleep analysis gadget called the ZZZ Checker. This one is a step ahead of the Sleep Tracker and Zeo Sleep Coach of yore as it does not require to discomfort you by being worn, it uses audio and visual sensors instead. It’s equipped with a microphone and an infrared sensor to collect sound. So, if you toss and turn in sleep, snore, grind your teeth, the ZZZ checker can know it all.

So through you nap time, the ZZZ records the number of hours and minutes you have spent in sleep, dividing them in three categories – light, medium and deep, all depending on your body movements when asleep. You have the option of reading the data straight from the screen or you can transfer it to your PC via USB for detailed graphs.

At $248, the ZZZ checker is pretty affordable but its availability might be problem. Well, it’s up for sale only in the Japanese market. Shipping is a solution but that will cost extra.


Via dvice & crunchgear

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