Chocolate Blueberry With 2K Diamond Topping For Dessert

A thing that we had not imagined in the luxury market were diamonds being served on a platter for our tummy. But as we have seen recently, there is absolutely no stopping to those who can create one luxe product after another for those who are blessed with a lot f extra bucks. In fact, the latest delicacy we have on our blog combines diamonds and chocolates so you can well imagine what a deliciosly lethal combination it must be.

Mervis Diamond Importers, a small chain of jewelry stores in Washington D.C., thought of this not-so-unique plan to promote their brand. And they are definitely gaining eyeballs for the chocolate dessert comes topped with a real diamond stud. As a matter of fact, the promotion part is slated for July 22 and we hear that the bartenders might just be working on a chocolate martinis too.

They have used chocolate to create the sumptous base with a fresh blackberry sitting on top holding a 2 carat ascher cut diamond. So having a sweet tooth and a love for jewelry will set you back by $18,000. But we are not told, if the diamond is supposed to be eaten. We sincerely hope not.

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