The Apple iPiano For The iGeneration, Designed By Heyki Lee

 The iPod generation remains extremely loyal in declaring that nothing can be as cool when it comes to music. The time has come, though, for us to give up old loyalties and give space for the future, or at least a peek of it.

The iPiano is an electronic piano that plays your favourite tunes and gives you lessons as well. The piano can store your tunes to refresh your memory whenever you need help and you just can’t ignore the awesome look of it. Designed by Heyki Lee, the Apple iPiano has a digital display right at the centre where the sounds sheets would originally have sat on a grand old piano. The touch screen displays the song being played and would even record your keys while you are composing a new tune.

Done up all in white, iPiano still carries the black notes in the traditional colour. The piano display can give you a demonstration of the music piece you are trying to reproduce and give further tutorials. Who can deny this awesome player; talk about being born as part of the iGeneration!

ipiano ipianoipiano

Via: YankoDesign/Xiaonei

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