Solar Fabric To Charge Your Gadgets

 The tech-generation cannot live without any of its much-needed gadgets. Everything from mobiles to iPods has become necessities but the need to remember to charge them seems to be difficult for those dependant on these gadgets.

Konarka may have the solution for those lost souls. Konarka is a US company involved in the manufacturing of solar fabrics. The fabric contains hundreds of thread which have a stainless steel wire embedded within which is covered with layers of organic photovoltaic material. The wires within the thread of the fabric are connected are paired with a thinner wire that is connected to a secondary electrode. These wire are coated with protective polymers and woven into the fabric.

The photovoltaic material made by Konarka is extremely low on efficiency, only 3%. However, since the fabric can be used to make a complete set of clothing, it may be possible to charge your gadgets if you were wearing a complete set of photovoltaic clothing.

Via: Talk2MyShirt/Konarka
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