MJ Leaves Behind 1.26 m For His Chimp Pal Bubbles

Michael Jackson life and death has enough dope for everyone to talk about for years together now. For once, the controversies surrounding the King of Pop have hushed down but now everyone is curious about the family of the singer, which also includes a chimp called Bubbles. People have been talking about the monies that the legend has left behind including the large debts. But what none expected was the large sum of 1.25 million pounds that he has left in his will for Bubbles. By the by, his father got excluded from the paper.

We are told by reliable news sources that Michael wanted that the last years of his 26-years-old monkey friend were comfortable. And with so much money to ensure that, perhaps Bubbles can safely be called the richest chimp in the world. Now, we dunno if that little fact will make the hearts of the monkey women racing. But what we do know is that the media has found itself a new focus.

Jackson’s lawyers have go in touch with the current owner Bob Dunn of Bubbles to inform them of the fortune.

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