Go For A Holy Drive With The 1962 Dodge Dart ‘Nunrunner’, Auction On eBay

The car featured above looks so battered, it may fall into pieces the moment anyone tries to drive it. You may not be tempted to try that or even scrap it once you hear the story behind it. One cannot attempt to scarp anything this holy..

The 1962 Dodge Dart was converted into a limo wagon when it was in good enough condition and was intended to be in use at the Vatican. It was, however, put to use only after being sold to a Catholic Church in Kentucky. You can only guess who must have been using it when you learn that it is was titled the Nunrunner. The car may look old though but the Wicked Rides Inc. Team reports that it is still in great condition. Not impossible when it has a V10 engine from a Dodge Ram hidden under that rusty facade.

The Nunrunner is fortified with a chassis from a 2004 Corvette ZO6 so it can handle some tough and risky driving. The Nunrunner is up on eBay at the moment and will, of course, go to the highest bidder. The current bid for the Nunrunner is $1,800. Dare to go higher?

Via: AutoBlog

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