Coccina 08: Kitchen Of The Future By Chateau Patrick

Kitchens can e the best place of the house but when it comes to the lady of the house, the kitchen may also present the worst nightmare. Women who work through the day and come home to cook meals find it difficult to deal with the chaos of preparing a meal.

Chateau Patrick brings the Coccina 08 kitchen design of the future for the women of today. Extremely futuristic, the design is still realistic enough to be possible recreated at this stage. The kitchen concept is designed so as to make the cooking and cleaning task much easier for the user. The idea behind the kitchen concept is to make the desired objects come to the user instead of the user having to reach over for each object. This is established through the use of a rotative tap and sink and pan detection hob which can turn 360 degree.

The kitchen concept also makes use of an interactive screen kept at eye level and working as an interface for all the kitchen gadgets and functions. The kitchen is only a concept at the moment; however, the idea would be extremely desirable for anyone who has to cook their own meals.

Via: DesignBoom
coccina 08

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  • This is super cool thing. Rotating around is already present in some dining facilities, but the intelligent lighting and double disc is something unique!

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