ck Calvin Klein Sunglasses With USB For The Stylish Geeks

Whoever said that geeks have no sense of fashion have obviously never met the geeks of today. The geeks of today may still be slightly impaired in the area of social interaction but they are true intellectuals who are also trying hard to fit in by getting to know more about fashion.

Today’s geeks are so fashion savvy they do not just use their style to pick up hot babes but also incorporate their geekiness into the fashionable accessories so as to make these chic items more geeky. After all, you are what you wear and geeks take pride in their nerd status. The latest super cool sunglasses from ck Calvin Klein seem to be modelled after the true modern geek. The glasses have a detachable arm that reveals a 4GB USB port hidden within. This is the sort of thing that one expects to see Tom Cruise sporting in Mission: Impossible.

The glasses will cost you $200 a pair but what does it matter when it does the double job of making you look super hot and also carries your most vital information in covert style. Get yourself a pair when it hits the stores this October.

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