Alexander Amosu Bespoke Shirts: Elegance Materialised

 Alexander Amosu needs no introduction; a mention of the most expensive suit ever made is enough to trigger people’s memory of this amazing designer. Amosu’s £70,000 suit created attention from the elite few it was intended for and his latest bespoke shirts would drive them into a frenzy as well.

The custom made shirts from Alexander Amosu exude simplistic elegance that not everyone can carry off. If you’re sure you can grant this shirt the respect it deserves, give your measurements and start the process on the creation of the best shirt you’ll wear in a long time. The shirt pattern is then made by the cutter using a ‘single needle’ work all through the shirt. The Alexander Amosu shirts come standardised with silver buttons although the buyer has the option of choosing gold, platinum or diamond ‘9of different hues).

The Alexander Amosu bespoke shirts start from £400 for those who wish for a simple bespoke suit and can range as high as £25,000. The shirts are on display at the Apsley Store in London for those wishing to take a glance at it before placing an order.

alexander amosu

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alexander amosu shirt

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