$12,000 Electric Bike Enertia A Marketing Stunt?

With the state the environment is in right now, it appears that he biggest selling strategy is the creation of eco-friendly products. Often enough, though, a product is touted as being a boon to the environment much more than it actually is.

The electric bike, Enertia, is being promoted by Best Buy since the 21st of May of this year as an extremely eco-friendly commuter bike. The bike was launched by the company since they had already invested $10 million in the firm Brammo which manufactures the bike. The Enertia has a top speed if 55mph and a 45 mile range and requires charging for only 3 hours at a time. The bike certainly doesn’t look very great but may be attractive to those looking for an eco-friendly buy.

The Enertia is being sold for $12,000 but since most people who shop at Best Buy cannot afford to buy a bike at that range, it appears that the promotion of the bike is only being done as a means of getting more clients interested enough to enter the shop. Talk about great advertising!

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