Sophie Matisse Chess Set: Colorful art lights up the competitive game

Sophie Matisse is a designer, painter and creator who comes from a legacy that is rich in all these attributes. But it is not just the genetics that you need to succeed and produce fine works of art. That requires originality, creativity and an imagination that can go beyond the mundane. The Sophie Matisse Chess Set surely goes way beyond the usual black and white board and with its very special and vivacious design, the $16,000 board is sure to add some life into an otherwise serious and intellectually demanding game. To be shown at “The Art of the Game” exhibition, the special creation imbibes a special zest into the chess board.

While most people who design special chess sets work with just two colors and figuratively tend to see everything in ‘black & white’, Sophie gives the whole idea a fresh breath of fresh air and some trendy design. While playing on this could be a bit confusing, even for the pros, this might be the kind of game boards on which world champion crowns should be settled… Just would add so much more intrigue to each move!

Via: beyondtheborder / bignews

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