Playboy Owner Hugh Hefner’s $1,300 Biography Out In September

Playboy magazines consist of the stuff that most men’s wet dreams are made up. Apart from hot pictures of gorgeous models, most men would admit that their reading abilities got better from reading Playboy magazine as they grew up. It’s no wonder that Hugh Hefner who owns the Playboy Enterprises is akin to God for most men.

Taschen is set to publish an illustrated biography of the biggest playboy this September. The six volume biography will also include selected highlights from the first 25 years of the Playboy magazines. The signed anthology will give the most detailed insight of Hef’s life taking the reader through his childhood and his changing passions from comics to the starting of the billion dollar enterprise. No man can resist learning more about Hefner’s girlfriends, including the twins that he is currently dating.

Hefner is rumoured to be thinking of making a movie about his life but you can get this sex volume set long before the movie comes out. Only 1,500 sets of the books would be in production and each set packed in a plexiglass box costs $1,300.

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