Make It Right Foundation Makes Things Right In New Orleans Post Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina left thousands homeless and a number of celebrities gave to charity and called out for the rest of the country, and the world, to help the victims of the natural disaster. Brad Pitt went a little further with the Make It Right Foundation, which has been trying to build homes for the people involved.

The Make It Right Foundation is working closely with international architects to develop the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. Apart from the expert advice, the foundation is also working closely with the community in its attempts at redeveloping the area. Although the houses being built aren’t free, they offer low interest loans and since the houses aren’t temporary solutions for the victims it works out well.

Designs are picked by the victims and each design is adjusted by a law firm so as to suit their needs best. So far, eight houses have been erected and another ten are on their way. After the first phase of single family homes, a second phase of 14 duplex homes for two families is now up. The duplex homes look simple and carry a sense of sharing between the two families that would occupy the homes.

Via: ArchDaily/BildIt/MakeItRight
duplex home

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