LCD sets are shown the doors with Sharp’s premium Aquos LED TVs

People usually show their prowess of money by picking up pricey and high-tech stuff. With LED displays all set to unseat LCDs, Sharp’s new collection of Aquos LED TV sets will get a red-carpet treatment. The fact that LEDs score above LCDs with respect to low energy consumption is what makes it so much more acceptable in given conditions of Global warming and Eco-consciousness.

Upscale features like advanced pixel control and wider aperture find place here. There is an an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the set to keep wattage to one-third of what LCDs consume. The choice of size runs into four options, starting with 32inches and going until 52 inches. The price too gallops with the size, from $1,100 to to $2,800. Well, if you got to stay ahead of others in lifestyle products, you have to shell out a price for it. But since the company here is Sharp, the price is more or less justified.

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