Hold Fast Straps For Bicycle Commuters

The desire to lose the extra few inches around our waist intermingled with the rising price of fuel has pushed many of us into commuting on bicycles. On lovely days when the sun isn’t too harsh, it could even be a great experience.

A lot of individuals don’t prepare for riding around on bicycles though. Try going for a long ride in loafers and you’ll get what I’m saying. After ten minutes you’ll realise you’ve been riding around barefoot! The Hold Fast strap are for people who don’t wish to bring about any changes in their appearance and comfort level after already going through the big change of choosing a bicycle instead of a luxurious car. These handmade straps will ensure that your foot stays in place on the pedal so you don’t slip off it for any reason.

Extremely comfortable, the Hold Fast straps can be adjusted for size so that it can be used with any type of shoes. Hold Fast straps are available in black and red with yellow or gold and costs $55.

hold fast straps hold fast straps hold fast straps hold fast straps

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hold fast straps

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  • Hmmmm… old fashiioned toe clips, or “cages” are much less expensive…. but alas not so trendy,

  • Doug: Actually, ‘old fashioned’ cages & straps are not less expensive. Quality clips are easily $20, and good straps are easily $50 or more (made of two strips of leather with a strip of nylon fabric in between so that they don’t stretch when they get wet). Double straps that will compete with these are $90 or more. So it’s a minimum of $70 for clips & straps vs. $55 for these “hold fast” straps.

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