Factron Quattro Case For iPhone SP

 The Apple iPhones are the hottest things on the planet at the moment and it seems there just can’t be enough number of accessories made for the phone. The offer of different sized interchangeable lenses was made by Apple quite some time ago. This time the Apple iPhone is in the news for a related reason.

Factron has come up with an uber chic case for the iPhone SP. Factron has been involved with producing custom made goods for Apple products for quite some time, but their new iPhone case is beyond beautiful. The Quattro is an iPhone case made especially for the iPhone SP. The iPhone case is made from aluminium alloy and a black leather version of it is also available.

The best thing about the case is that it includes a set of interchangeable lenses (fish-eye, wide angle, and close-up). The lenses themselves will cost you from $15 to $55 so that is a clue as to how much the case would cost. If you have an iPhone SP though, you just have to protect and further adorn it with the $200 Factron Quattro.

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iphone SP

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