Dell Mini 10 Offers The Best Of GPS

The best thing about computers is that the smaller it becomes the better it gets. The reduction in size of any computer related gadget is seen as a sign of its amelioration technology wise. The same is true of the Dell Mini 10 and Mini 10v.

The Dell Mini 10 features a surprisingly small keyboard, display of 16:9 aspect ratio and advanced wireless options. Its best feature though is that of the optional built-in GPS. Titled the Dell Wireless 700, the $69 upgrade is a mini-PCI module which includes a GPS chip. The mini 10 also includes location based software along with the Dell Location Utility, Loki. Loki is a software which can pinpoint your location in relation to WiFi networks in the nearby area.

The location finding software can be advantageous for various reasons, including map reading and the use of various applications through sites on the internet. The Dell Mini 10 can be set up in your automobile with ease and its 12V car adaptor makes powering the computer an easy matter. The Dell Mini 10 costs $450 which, considering its portability and abilities, isn’t very expensive at all.

dell mini 10

Via: Dell/UberGizmo/Loki
dell mini 10

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