Romero Britto Gives the Bentley a Pop Art Touch

Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto was donated a Bentley Continental GT. What he did was paint the whole goddamned car with blue, purple, pink and other bright colours which could easily offend teh usual Bentley clientele who are prim, sophisticated and conservative. However, the very idea behind such colourful representations of art by pop artists is to shock the sensibilities of the bourgeoisie and make them think.

In my opinion, Britto’s work on the Continental GT is something that is awe inspiring and totally urban street chic. Britto will exhibit this car and other works in an upcoming exhibition Automobil Forum Unter den Linden in Germany from July 10 to September 6.

Much of the art work would be auctioned off and the proceedings would be used to help multiple sclerosis research and also to integrate the mentally retarded into society. Pop art seems to be really making waves in Europe, especially Brazilian pop art. I wonder how much this awesome painted Bentley Continental GT would fetch!



Via: Luxist

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