Gen-Ryu’s Hybrid Motorcycle Proposal: Street Fighter Inspired?

If you are a Street Fighter fan, you would love the Gen-Ryu’s proposal for a hybrid motorcycle. It is based in genesis, the famous motorcycle launched by Yamaha. It comes with the latest electronic control techniques and comes with a really sophisticated technology and electric motor.

The idea is to provide the user an experience that brings the advantages of a scooter with the handling of a motorcycle. It is made of die-cast lightweight aluminium and runs at a power which can be compared to other 1,000cc class motorcycles. The idea behind the motorcycle may not be Ryu, the eponymous hero of Street Fighter.

However, it is fine for the handsome Ryu to take on this bike and go fighting all the baddies on the streets of wicked and bad ass cities. It is still a concept and there is no information about either the price or availability and I would be glad if it is made available anytime soon!



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  • It is very nice. Designer is very special. I think it will be fast.

    I am so crazy about the Gen-Ryu’s. I want to be hero of street fighter

    with Gen-Ryu’s.

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