Darkly Fig Rose Bouquets Last Forever

People usually feel saddened when flowers dry and wither away. It suggests their own ageing process and the fleeting period of youth when we blossom and then begin to wither and dry out. While natural ageing may not be controlled by us, we can at least buy flowers that don’t wither away, and that which are not plastic. allencompanyinc on Etsy has launched Fig Rose Bouquet which comes with 24 roses.

These roses are made from 100% cotton and can be easily cleaned with vacuum cleaners. They have been wrapped on real branches using silver wires. This rose would last for hundreds of years and can be used as a family heirloom.


If you do not like purple and would instead of blood red roses, you could do so. Otherwise, why not choose the darkly black roses? Each bouquet of 24 flowers costs $175. You would certainly not be giving these flowers to your date but you could keep them in your room and look at them longingly as they grow older along with you.



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