Carbonado Rough Diamond Up for Auction

If you are the kind of person who would like to collect things related to human and animal histories, you would most certainly be interested in bones, art, fossils and the like. Here is a diamond which apparently came to earth when a meteor struck our planet long time ago. This was when South America and Africa were connected to each other. The diamond is being sold at $2,100 and is a Carbonado rough diamond.

This discovery further supports the idea and belief that carbonados are from outer space. While the mysteries get solved by modern science, you can buy this lovely piece of diamond for yourself and for your family as a heirloom. You could also buy it as an investment as many decades later people would offer millions just to be able to take it back to the lab and conduct one of those scientific studies.

You can even wear it as a pendant, if you can. I would love to get this for myself but it is too expensive for my budget. The diamond looks almost like a piece of charcoal and that is how carbonado looks in the pure form. The raw and rare beauty of these diamonds rocks.



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