Elegant Scotch & Soda Pullover for Alpine Summers

Summer is at its peak now and it is impossible to think about wearing anything more than a t shirt. The heat can become unbearable and that is when the well heeled decide to go to the mountains or to the north where it is pleasantly cool and chilly.

When you feel the need to wear something warm there, you could take a look at this chic grey v-neck pullover by Scotch & Soda which is being sold at $90. The way the pullover falls over the model’s waist is sensual and ye innocent. The dull gray compensates for the brightness of the sharp northern or alpine sun where the wind might be chilly but the sun would shine bright.

I would recommend wearing the pullover with a gray or white coloured t short with a pair of jeans to go with. One of the most simple and stylish pullovers that I have come across this season. Get a pullover and head to the cold and fresh mountains and escape the heat!

Via: French Truckers

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