Baccarat Reflex Flower Vase for $10,000

I am not really sure if this is the most expensive of all the vases I have come across but it certainly is one of the most contemporary and stylish ones I have seen. The Baccarat reflex vase which has been designed by Nicholas Triboulot is postmodernist in nature and has been carved out of clear full-lead crystal.

Only five of these amazing vases have been created and each costs $10,000. It even comes with a sign and number in order to maintain the exclusivity. The idea of placing flowers in such a vase actually does not seem to occur to me, as the vase is too futuristic, not that I am complaining.

If you are really into contemporary design and art, you could get this for yourself and I am sure this would also be a great investment as art connoisseurs a couple of decades later might try to get this for insane amounts of money. Oh yes, it has been handcrafted in France of course.

Via: Luxury Insider

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