World’s most expensive 16 GB USB drive: Locked with puzzling twists!

MNEMOSYNE 16-gigabyte USB storage cube is not just a device that is designed to ensure certain amount of security to your data, but it also gives you a finely crafted piece of art as you set down to unlock the USB pin set right in the middle of the cube. The idea was conceptualized and then given form by Italy-based designers Toshi Satoji and Katsuya Masaki. The solid aluminum block is crafted from a single piece and you will have to unlock the path to the pin by rotation of the cut pieces.

Each of these USB drives is a different puzzle, so you can rest assured that you will always have a unique piece. While in all honesty, this is like having a lock without the key, the MNEMOSYNE is more about sporting grand style and plenty of panache, rather than just security. After all, if you can spend $10,442 on a 16 GB USB storage device, you surely will grab a few eyeballs (Yup, that’s the price of this blingy block)

Via: solidalliance / plusd.itmedia / dvice


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