Woolly Pocket Gardening Company: Little pockets of green delight!

Bringing home the green is a concept that most people have embraced and to a large extent, most homes across US and the planet have some green corners which they love and cherish. To add to the beauty of your already gorgeous indoor plant life or your outdoor gardens is the new and ultra-cute Woolly Pocket Gardening Company planting bags. The specially crafted planting bags are adorably crafted from cool recycled plastic, making them environmentally friendly. The bags either can be used with in inside lining for indoor purpose or the lining-less version for outdoor planting.

Either way, the bags present a great and simple solution for your eco-needs and while the ones that cuddle up on your table would look great even in office spaces, the larger ones light up the corners. You can also create a vertical garden by hanging them from the top with ease, as their finished and polished look brings beauty to the surroundings. Eco geeks… Knock yourself out!



Via: Notcot / Woollypocket



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