Shopping blitz on asphalt: Go-Karting on a groceries carrier!

I guess it is only the ultra-techie and ever exploring guys at MIT who most often come up with rare oddities and amazing fusions like this. Few folk at the prestigious institute just thought that spending summer on the beach or taking time off to surf is not cool, so the decided to turn a shopping cat into a Go-kart and it is not like they have taken a mesh and put on engine on it to help it trod along. This little baby that its crazy makers like to call as ‘LOLrioKart’ can hit a speed of 45 mph on asphalt and if you crazy enough to do that, then you better carry the helmet along.

Powered by NiCd aircraft batteries to power its 15hp brushless motor and then upgraded with a new set of wheels that will take all the heat, the little tribute to Mario and his cart is more than capable of taking the track in some real competition. Now, if only the women folk in the world learnt to shop at that pace… I said if only!

Via: ubergizmo / miters / etotheipiplusone


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