Royale MasterCard Will Be Your Ticket To The Ultimate In Luxury

Royale is the name that defines Dubai’s luxury credit card the best. For starters, this one is like a privilege available only to the very very rich. AS expected, this one is part of a limited edition from MasterCard with only nine pieces being handed out each day.

The Royale MasterCard come with highly exclusive benefits and offers. Yep, you can enjoy everything from shopping, fashion, restaurants, hotels, helicopters, yacht charters, polo, golf and much more. In fact, the very look of the credit card with its gold border and the genuine diamond embedded in it promises luxury at its very best. Well, we say this one is a real status symbol if you are looking for a new one.

Trust us, the new Royale MasterCard will be your ticket to the very best available in the world. Again, you cannot apply for this card. Apparently, it is offered to only those deemed worthy of it. So, all you can do is put a lot of money in the bank and then keep your fingers crossed!

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