Rasmus Gjesing Designs Gold Plated Bicycle

Rasmus Gjesing has just designed a gold-zinc painted bicycle for men and hopes to provide options for those men who are tired of riding bicycles meant for the masses. Targeted at the elite Danes, The Killer bicycle comes with aluminium bars and is made of steel. It also has a Brooks leather seat and looks amazingly gorgeous with all the zinc plate and flashy gold appearance.

However, I am not the kind of guy who would like gold on my bicycle as that looks quite tacky and unsophisticated. Instead, I would rather buy something that does not look so garish. Nevertheless, if it is only the price tag which helps you get off, then you can get poorer by $4,300 and get yourself this golden hued bicycle and ride to a weird type of glory.

The cycle also does not have brakes and you better should know how to ride bicycles properly before buying this golden cycle. I would certainly not go for a cycle so expensive, nor would I like to ride on a bicycle that is golden and flashy. If you are dandy and vain enough to do so, you can as well buy it.

Via: Bike Rumour

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