Luxury Apartment To Let In Moscow At $50K

There are so many things in the present world that actually make us realise that maybe the so-called ‘financial hard times’ are just the woes of a very few. We know that counries have been very busy promoting tourism in their states and for that they are offering great discount packages too. But perhaps, Moscow does not believe in giving quality at low prices. From what we hear, an expensive rental apartment in the Russian capital charges $50,000 per month.

DOKI Real Estate Agency is handling the property located very strategically near the Arbatskaya metro station in downtown Moscow. Apparently, the 21 rooms which include 8 bedrooms and six bathrooms will keep your travelling group quite happy and comfortable.

By the way, four parking lots also come with the apartment in reference. However, the real estate agent hasn’t been successful in finding a tenant. Well, with a price that high there shall be very few seekers. What say?


Via RINovosti

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