Levitating Projector: An Interesting Concept but a Skeptic’s Joy

Projectors are usually stationary and the images that are projected tend to remain consistent in a particular angle. Though this might help in watching a program consistently without any disturbances, it also makes watching multiple images from different angles impossible.

The Levitating Projector is a scientific concept which is based on several micro-projectors that looks like a floating ball thanks to the electromagnetic base which causes the ball to be suspended. These micro projectors in the form of a levitating or raised ball allow you to watch different programs on different walls. This may be an interesting concept but many people may not like the idea of watching two different programs at the same time for that makes no sense.

Moreover, even if many people choose to watch different programs at the same time using earphones or headsets, there always would be distraction based on the other projected images/videos. It is an interesting concept but it is quite impractical. In addition to this, the Levitating Projector is going to be extremely expensive.

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