A Sculpted Modern and Abstract Workstation

The Edward Cella Art + Architecture gallery have installed a permanent sculpture like structure. It doubles up as a workstation and is designed by Ball-Nogues Studio. With undulating forms and non contour lines, the sculpture seems to suggest a sort of non geometric and non linear pattern of life. Life ever is really predictable or geometric and within it lays great chaos. The sculpture was built using layers of diecut cardboard and Koskisen plywood.

Much of the design was derived computational software. It also suggests movement and vitality. It is quite interesting that modern furniture and workstations are being inspired by art and abstract thought. Though this is a purely artistic masterpiece, we may soon begin to see a lot of workstations and furniture based on artistic thought.


Though the artist has used humble materials, it does not shy away from using new ideas which result in dynamic forms. I would love to see this installed in one of the receptions of a cosy hotel reception or perhaps even in a slightly less formal situation!


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