Sea Quad: An Amphibian Vehicle Powered by Kite

Amphibian vehicles are rare to find and when you do find them they are just not all that cool. The Sea Quad is a unique beach friendly vehicle that works well on the beach ad also on water, while being powered by a kite. It can keep up to 180 kilograms and can seat two people. Of course you would need to be slim and athletic.

The Sea Quad has four wheels in the front to help you travel on the sand and the aluminium and trampoline tubes help you to sail on water. It is still being developed and costs $14,000. I would say this particular amphibian vehicle is one of the best I have ever seen as it makes use of wind energy to sail on water by also giving you opportunity sail fast.

You would sail in the direction of the wind and it all depends on where the kite is heading to. It may be a little difficult to manoeuvre but it all ads to the romantic image. I would love to sail along the coastlines of Africa, Mediterranean and South America with the help of Sea Quad!

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