Rare Aerocar Looks Great, but Not For Sale

Moulton B. Taylor in 1949 created the world’s first Aerocar and after that some were created in 1956. It is a transformer and can be used as both a plane and a car. Only five of these are still existing and is now owned by a Coloradian named Ed Sweeny. He had paid $150,000 21 years ago and now can fetch up to $1 million if he decides to sell it.

However, the guy plans to keep it as a family treasure and would not sell it for anything. It can reach speeds of 60 mph and when it is flying it can reach speeds of 150 mph. You would never be able to buy this awesome flying car and thus proves the theory that money cannot buy everything in life.

I am sure you would be greatly disappointed but like certain mental mental states, certain material goods can’t be bought with money either. You could try and build one yourself instead, if you are weird enough to do that.

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