Laverda Motorcycle with an Attached Car

Sometimes it gets too annoying to ferry all your drunk friends in a car and having to smell their puke and booze smell. Moreover, they distract you while you are driving and can result in gruesome deaths. In order to avoid such unnecessary trouble, Francois Knorrec has designed the Snaefell.

Snaefell is a motorcycle that comes with a car attached. It took him 10 years to build it and he spent more than $20,000. The motorcycle is a Laverda and the car is made from different parts of different cars. It comes in a bright red colour and I must say it looks pretty cool. The Snaefell is just right for people who like to ride on motorcycles but avoid speaking to the pillion riders. If you are one such rider, you will have to get this cool motorcycle mod for yourself. Of course, it may not be available in the market and you may have to build your own.





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  • I wonder if you can control it from inside the car as well. Very clever but a little schitzo too.

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