Edelweiss PC: Where Art and Technolgy Meet

Million Dollar PC has unveiled the surrealistic and unique Edelweiss PC Case Mod. The Edelweiss straddles between geekish computer inner parts and artistic portrayal of these parts. We all know that computers and art do not go together very well.

This case mod here however suggests otherwise and is one of the best I have ever seen. You would not find any wires or even the boring old case. It clearly reveals what is inside the PC and makes you appreciate the working of a computer. I would have loved to get this Case Mod for myself but I am sure it is going to be extravagantly expensive.


The Edelweiss PC combines art and technology to such an extent that it may mirror a future where all gadgets would be artistic and all art would have some amount of technology in them. Perhaps this is one of the best computer case mods ever.


via: Tech E Blog

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