Billykirk Belts in Association with J. Crew

J. Crew has teamed up with American leather makers Billykirk to launch their limited edition belt that comes hand stitched with custom solid brass buckle. It will be sold at select locations and a select shops like Hamptons J.Crew store. The belt would cost between $140 and $160.

These belts would be great for any guy worth his salt and if you are the kind of guy who would not mind spending a tidy amount on awesome belts, you really should go in for these belts. They would look great on jeans and even on casual trousers. Just make sure you wear a similar kind of shoes.

You should always wear socks that match your trousers and belts that match your shoes. It is a golden rule that many guys do not follow. This belt will turn a geek into a dandy! And I cannot wait to get one for myself!

Via: Acquire Mag

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