Blackberry Comes Blinged with 24k Gold

Computer Choppers have officially launched Blackberry’s bling product which has been launched in order to improve its image of being a boring old cellphone. Now, people would no more associate Blackberries with a stern or serious person but with someone who is leading a glamorous and luxurious lifestyle.

It is not as girly and silly as their Pink Blackberry Bold nor is it as lacklustre as the Diamond Blackberry gold. This comes with oodles of yellow metal and you would love to see all the golden bling right on your cellphone. The product is titled 24kt Gold Blackberry 8900 Curve and it can be customized to suit individual tastes.

At $1,000 it is a little more than the ordinary Samsung Omnia and that makes me want to buy it too! I only wish the 24kt Gold Blackberry 8900 Curve came in white gold as I somehow cannot digest yellow metal in cellphone. Oh yes, you could also get it studded with diamonds for an extra cost.


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