The Iconic Dracula Cape Auctioned For $43K

Count Dracula has been immortalised in our memories by Sir Christopher Lee for his intriguing performance that sent chills down our spine each time we saw the movie. In fact, the image of Sir Lee in his large cape is hard to forget. Many of us have even tried immitating the look for Halloween a zillion times with not a great success. But the same does not apply to the fella who ended up buying the original cape worn by the legendary actor for his famous role as the Count.

Angels the Costumiers sold the cape at Bonham’s in Kinghtsbridhe, central London for a huge $43,400. We are told that the estimated price was a bit higher at $49,400.

And the cape did not come alone. Accompanying it was the still image of Sir Lee playing the blood-sucking character. In fact, the actor has also signed a letter to confirm the authenticity of the garment.

Via dailymail

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