Steelers Get Rings In Their Honour

Steelers rule the Super Bowl perhaps like no other and they have no intentions of playing it down. And that is why they have come up with their rings. Yes, the pride of winning the title six times is reflected in the brilliantly cut diamonds surrounding the Steelers logo on the rings. You don’t have to look closr to find yellow, red and blue stones in the shape of hypocycloids all sitting stop a football-shaoed design created with 32 other diamonds.

The jewelry designer has been quite generous with the ices as you find seven more diamonds on each tip of the football to symbolify the team’s seven AFC Championships. And when you add them up, the number 14 stands for the numer of Division titles in Steelers history.

And that is not all. Surprisingly, the rings are able to wrap up quite a lot around them including the six Lombardi Trophies rising from Heinz Field to mark the support of the Steelers fans. The Steeler colors also get representation in yellow gold with black antique backgrounds.


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