Endangered Ennis House Looks For A New Owner For $15 million

The Naional Trust for Historic Preservation listed it among the most endangered houses in 2005, and now the owner Frank Lloyd Wright is willing to seel his Ennis House for a huge $15 million. The sprawling mansion covers 6,000 square-foot in the Los Feliz area of LA. We are told that the house is inspired by the Mayan culture and has suffered a lot of earthquakes and extreme weather conditions. All this led to the house being under threat since 1924.

The house has been made with 27,000 16-inch concrete blocks of a material that has been proven unstable. However, all that said the house is unique with gorgeous mosaic windows, four of which has been designed Wright himself.

ennis house1 Endangered Ennis House Looks For A New Owner For $15 million
Endangered Ennis House

If you have seen Blade Runner then you must have seen the house as it was featured in the movie. But that is not all. Other motion pictures like Grand Canyon, The House on Haunted Hill plus and the popular TV show Buffy the Vmpire Slayer also featured the house. In fact, the house was badly damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake and torrential rains made it worse in 2005. The Ennis House Foundation, a trust group that owns the house, has been struggling for years to save it, and now they are looking for a private buyer who can preserve the property.

Endangered Ennis House
Endangered Ennis House
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