Prada Wallet Looks Simple but Is too Chic for Commoners

There is something inversely proportional about a person’s affluence and the size of his wallet. The more a person earns, the less he carries and keeps everything in the bank so that he can use cards. The less money the person has, he would also be less style conscious and carry wads of one dollar bills to make the wallet look fat and thick.

If you are such a guy who has loads of money and wanted to make a style statement, you must check out Prada’s wallet which costs $150. There is space enough for two ID cards, a charge card and some loose cash. You cannot keep wads of bills, ATM receipts, and all the other junk that people usually carry with them.

This stylish and minimalist wallet is called Prada Saffiano Card Case and it is us too awesome to be ignored. I would say, even if you are poor get yourself this wallet as this might be the cheapest designer accessory you can ever buy in your life!

Via: Acquire Mag

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