A Golden Beer Mug for 50k, Is It Worth?

While it can be argued if beer is a chic or a down market drink, the truth is we all enjoy drinking it more than expensive wine. There is something about beer which makes people forget about class consciousness and just enjoy the mild high it provides after sometime.

Japanese company Ginza Tanaka have just launched Summer Cool, a gold mug which costs $50,000. It is made of about 85 grams of gold and they also have wine glasses and a golden fan. However, one would be most impressed by the Golden Mug which breaks all barriers to drink beer.

Elegantly rich people can now sit back and enjoy a drink of beer in a 50k mug, which may not really sound sane if one thinks further. Come to think of it, recession is driving people crazy and they are even spending the last bit of money they have. Perhaps it is the death instinct.

Via: Reuters

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