Goldstriker’s A Hit With Its New Website

When we talk Goldstriker, we mean sheer luxury. We will have to give to thi brand for dressing up techie gadgets the glam way, and so tastefully too. And it’s not just cell phones alone who get their attention because they are willing to do up your USB drives as well. Even watches and chess sets are decked with precious stones by their designers.

Stuart Hughes and his wife Katherine are the brains behind this luxury generating company. We quite like the way the couple has allowed technology to embrace luxury. And they have even revamped their website to bring bling closer to everyone’s lives. Do check it out for it comes with the most exclusive handsets and bespoke elements.

All the products on the page are shown in their original images and not some computer generated pictures. Sinking in the gorgeous airs in Liverpool, the Goldstriker’s is a huge hit and has been so for the last twleve years.

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