Toyota Prius Comes with Solar Panels

If you were wondering what is happening in the league of luxury sedans, you must actually hear about Toyota Prius. Surprisingly, it has been fitted with a solar power roof which would help save energy and save environment. This is very important in times of global warming when most of the pollution is caused by cars and emissions.

All you would need to do is spend 1,450 Pounds and you could convert your Toyota Prius into a solar powered efficient car that would not only look good but would also be an environment saver. I would say, it would have bee only good if all the luxury cars come with solar panels on the top of their roofs.

That way, all the sun in this world can be made use of instead of wasting energy for air conditioning. If only the same solar energy could be used for running the engine it would have been much much better. Nevertheless, it is a good move and a step in the right direction.

Via: Guardian

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