Golden Gothic Chess Board for the Decadent

Medioevale Stile (Medieval Style) chess board is also known as the Carolingi XIV Chess Pieces. It takes you back to the ages of Goths and Visigoths who invaded Europe and overran Anglo Saxons and also the Slavs. The chess pieces are made of gold and remind you of all the historic treasures plundered by the so called great kings. The chess pieces are designed to remind you of the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans and the confrontation between the Christians and the Moslems.

Each of these pieces are individually designed by Piero Benzoni. They can be displayed on an accompanying and luxurious Onyx Chess Table. Each set costs an ungodly amount of money. If you are willing to shell out $113,580. this beautiful set of medieval chess is yours. I would say, if you can afford it, just get it.




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