A Doll House Made After A Well-Furnished Home In The UK Fetches $82 K

A dollhouse selling for a big sum of $82,000 is bound to create waves in the news world. We hear that te exquisiteness of this stunning toy is such that it will capture the heart of anyone who lays their eyes on it. Complete with the tiniest of detail been taken care of, the scale down version of a well-furnished home took 15 years of labour to be completed.

And all the hard work reflected in the splendour of the house did not go unnoticed by an overseas collector who agreed to pay the astonishing sum. Now, this forces us to wonder how delectably lavish this person’s own house be when a doll house manages to make him spend so much. Boy oh boy!

Like we told you, the doll house resembles a traditional English house complete with all the regular fixtures of a bath, bedroom, dining room, hallway and a living room. Little extravagances like the chandeliers also find their way in here. The Telegraph reports that the maker of this small splendour has made more money than those selling several real home in the UK

Via telegraph

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  • The price of this is ridiculous. I’ve seen way more stunning dollhouses before- most of this isn’t even hand made, it’s bulk factory made items. I really don’t understand it. It’s perfectly fine but not a spectacular example.

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