A Dinky Toy That Got Auctioned For $10K

Even the most rich would be stupified to learn that a tiny toy car was sold for a super huge $10,450. This van is tiny and measures only three inches. It was made as a promotional prototype for Omnisport, which is a general store in El Salvador. But this is the only one that ever got made, thereby lending the toy a unique-ness.

The car is quite a stumper with words like Omnisport Todo Paral El Deporte scribbled on it. The color is pale blue. But all that said, the price that it got sold for is far from believable. Wallis and Wallis Auction House in Lewes was the one behind the auction. The car went to an anonymous bidder on Monday. We hear that the car was expected to go for $16,320 but it was sold for a lesse price of $10,450.

We hear that around five years ago, a local dealer bought it from a man who had worked in Central America in the 1950s. This fact attracted a lot of attention. Auctioneer Glen Butler also expressed that the car is quite a discovery. Such dinky toys were popular in the 50s, maybe that is why some rich fella thought of investing in one of these.

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  • The most extraordinary about this Omnisport Austin van is that there is no proof that it is an original Dinky Toys. The van is definitely from Meccano Ltd. but what about the painting. So far all the vans known with this finish are repaints . . . . . . ?

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