Water At The Price Of Wine & With An Accompanying List Too

Welcome to the 21st century where even luxury water has its own list. And we thougt, it was the prerogative of fine liquor like wines alone. If you ask us, we usually come across only two options for our water — tap ir bottled. But if you were to go enjoy a meal in a certain luxury restaurant in London, the waiters there will hand out a whole list to you if your simply asky for “some water”.

The brands on offer include the likes of 420 Volcanic, MaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea Water, Berg, Cloud Juice, Iskilde and Wattwiller. And if you are wondering which is the most expensive of te lot, then order a half-litre bottle of 420 Volcanic for some $30 bucks.

Again, the list also carries a brief history on each kind of water it carries. Plus there is a little verdict on what to expect — fizz, tang or various kind of hints. Then there are some recommendations from the chef too like a certain type of water will taste great with say a platter of shrimp. Wow, we never realised there was to be a business like this from water alone. Go ahead, and satiate your thirst for luxury.


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